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IDO Cosmetic Solutions believes in the Philosophy of “Brightening the world, one smile at a time.”

It’s a team of highly qualified and experienced cosmetic dentists coming together to support the delivery of quality dental and cosmetic products and services to the community. It’s into continuous research and production of oral health care and beauty enhancement products which are natural, free of chemicals and safe to use for entire family including kids.

With quality products and exceptional customer service at the forefront of every interaction, you can be sure that we are constantly striving to serve you in the best way possible. Our local and natural oral and beauty products we’ve tried ourselves and absolutely love. We are excited for you to try us and give us the feedback soon!

Top Customer Reviews

This is a good quality toothpaste with much to offer. Gentle on teeth . Best toothpaste that I have used ever.Will definitely recommend this everyone.

- - Sukriti Nagar

Excellent for your teeth and gums as it is natural product, no chemicals added as are found in other paste available in market. I am sure satisfaction level will increase day by day after using it.

Loving it...surely recommended for adults and kids..

-- Rupinder

Fantastic product....initially I felt the absence of foam in the paste....but post the brushing I could visibly see whiteness and a fresh mint breath for a decent time as compared to my previous toothpastes...it took me at least 10 brushing to be convinced ...

- - Nitesh

Its a "zara hatke toothpaste",,,,, doesnt foam at all, gave me a feeling of cleanliness and a refreshing breath.....

I recommend to everyone who are addicted to natural products

- - Taskeen Sethi

This review wrote after 2 wks used the product. Glad to say that me & my family was very happy with this product because many internal problem of mouth & teeth was gone after some day's used. Really guys it's work. U can try it & show the results.

- - Sanjoy Ghosh

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