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Bentodent Natural Toothpaste | When Ayurveda meets Modern Science | P...

Rs. 150.00

   Bentodent Toothpaste for Entire Family Including Kid...

Rs. 170.00

Bentodent Toothpaste for Entire Family Including Kids - Foam Free, Mad...

Rs. 300.00
click on Buy Button you will get 2 Toothpaste Rs. 300

  Bentodent Toothpaste for Entire Family Including Kids - Fo...

Rs. 170.00

Madre , A face pack that has been specially formulated to hydrate, ref...

Rs. 150.00
Top Customer Reviews

This is a good quality toothpaste with much to offer. Gentle on teeth . Best toothpaste that I have used ever.Will definitely recommend this everyone.

- - Sukriti Nagar

Excellent for your teeth and gums as it is natural product, no chemicals added as are found in other paste available in market. I am sure satisfaction level will increase day by day after using it.

Loving it...surely recommended for adults and kids..

-- Rupinder

Fantastic product....initially I felt the absence of foam in the paste....but post the brushing I could visibly see whiteness and a fresh mint breath for a decent time as compared to my previous took me at least 10 brushing to be convinced ...

- - Nitesh

Its a "zara hatke toothpaste",,,,, doesnt foam at all, gave me a feeling of cleanliness and a refreshing breath.....

I recommend to everyone who are addicted to natural products

- - Taskeen Sethi

This review wrote after 2 wks used the product. Glad to say that me & my family was very happy with this product because many internal problem of mouth & teeth was gone after some day's used. Really guys it's work. U can try it & show the results.

- - Sanjoy Ghosh

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